2016 Mandarin Yellow Persian Studio Edition by Dale Chihuly

2016 Mandarin Yellow Persian Studio Edition by Dale Chihuly
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Mandarin Yellow Persian Studio Edition

Spontaneous combinations of fire, breath, centrifugal force, and gravity are key components in the creation of Dale Chihuly’s charismatic Persian series. “Their energy expands and explodes the fundamental spherical or cylindrical shapes of blown glass into eccentric and unforeseen new forms,” notes acclaimed art historian and critic Barbara Rose. With its free-spirited essence and asymmetry, the Persian series is a visual presentation of the glassblowing process—an intuitive yet technical execution—like a frozen fluid thought.

This two-piece 2016 Chihuly Workshop Studio Edition, Mandarin Yellow Persian, speaks to the unrestrained movement and energy for which this series is renowned. An outer band of golden yellow rims the larger element, fading to an incandescent transparency as the dynamic white body wrap, with a fine, dark line running through it, emphasizes the sweeping motion of the sculpture’s ribbing and scallops. The application of the twisted body wrap to the smaller element perched within continues the symbiotic dialogue. Providing a complementary tension, a black lip wrap is executed on both elements.

Measuring approximately ten inches across, this signed, handblown work is presented in a Plexiglas vitrine. The ensemble is completed by the Chihuly Workshop publication Chihuly Persians, with an essay by Davira S. Taragin and a DVD informing the series.

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