Voyage to the Pharos

Voyage to the Pharos
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Dino has a dream. As a boy growing up on the small island of Rhodes in the Mediterranean, he has heard about a lighthouse far away across the sea in Alexandria, Egypt. But it isn't just any lighthouse. It is the Pharos, one of the tallest buildings in all the world - with statues of gods and great kings, and at the very top a giant, roaring bonfire that guides ships from miles away. More than anything, Dino wants to be on one of those ships. But getting on a ship and surviving on one are two very different things.

Based on one of the most amazing wonders of the ancient world, Voyage to the Pharos brings together stunning illustrations with a tale of timeless and thrilling adventure.

Ages: 6-9

By: Sarah Gauch , Roger Roth (Illustrator)

Hardcover, 40 pages