Braille Puzzle with Bold Colors

Braille Puzzle with Bold Colors
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Product Description

The Eni Puzzle with Braille and Bold Colors for young children and the visually impaired.

Ages 5 & up

This puzzle is not designed for a brain teaser that has a simple solution that requires a memorization of maneuvers, but a multi-solutioned puzzle that allows creativity to form and keep the mind inquisitive and challenged. Like a real jigsaw puzzle, one has to focus upon moving a puzzle piece into a specific place. Simple problem solving, spacial relationships, dexterity, creativity, and temperament are all enhanced with the Eni Puzzle.

The basic shape of the ENI is cylindrical. The cylinder is divided by several “ring-shape sections.” These sections can rotate independently. Each ring section includes multi- individual parts, with one piece missing. These parts can travel along each ring by using the missing piece (empty space). By rotating and sliding the pieces in and out of the empty space, a multitude of solutions is possible.