Tim Story Lunz CD

Tim Story Lunz CD
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Join us for a Free Performance: Tim Story, The Roedelius Cells 7 P.M. at the GlasSalon

Maumee-based composer,producer, and performing artist Tim Story is internationally acclaimed for his electronic and acoustic music. A long-time collaborator with composer Hans-Joachim Roedelius (founder of the influential German music groups Harmonia and Cluster),Story has revisited a decade of recording sessions with Roedelius on piano, cutting apart tracks and recombining very small cells of this material into layered, evolving patterns. The resulting The Roedelius Cells transform TMA's GlasSalon into an eight-channel, multi-sensory installation. As visitors walk through the physical space, the juxtapositions of the cells' interactions evolve in unique and unrepeatable ways, inviting the listener to participate in their own unique sonic experience. The Roedelius Cells continues through Friday, March 24.

Lunz was the culmination of the 20-year friendship of composers Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Tim Story. When Lunz originally hit the record shop shelves of London in 2003, listeners only knew of the Roedelius/Story collaboration via a few concerts and the abstract musique concrete of their limited edition cd “Persistence of Memory”. Lunz quickly changed that. 12 strange and beautiful miniatures, each creating a unique sense of time and place with a surreal blend of melody, texture and mood. Lunz inhabits a world all its own, of lush acoustics and angular electronics, translucent pianos and dark ambiences. It's a mysterious world where the innocent and the distressed occupy the same singular environment, coalescing perfectly. Even the familiar signposts like Roedelius' piano and the warm cello of Martha Reikow are often subtly altered to suit the extraordinary landscape. Full of nuance and detail, Story and Roedelius painted a canvas that is simultaneously minimal and maximal, warm and shadowy, familiar and disorienting. Met with near unanimous praise, Lunz garnered raves in the UK press, and was named in Amazon’s Top 5 releases of the year in its category. Recorded by the artists in Austria and the U.S. over a 5-year span, Lunz reflects a striking fusion of the musical sensibilities of each composer, sensibilities honed over a combined 50 years of remarkable musicmaking. Nepenthe Music is proud to re-issue this classic with the striking bonus track “Iota”, released here for the very first time.