Signed Limited Edition Lazy Arc CD

Signed Limited Edition Lazy Arc CD
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Join us for a Free Performance: Tim Story, The Roedelius Cells 7 P.M. at the GlasSalon

Maumee-based composer,producer, and performing artist Tim Story is internationally acclaimed for his electronic and acoustic music. A long-time collaborator with composer Hans-Joachim Roedelius (founder of the influential German music groups Harmonia and Cluster),Story has revisited a decade of recording sessions with Roedelius on piano, cutting apart tracks and recombining very small cells of this material into layered, evolving patterns. The resulting The Roedelius Cells transform TMA's GlasSalon into an eight-channel, multi-sensory installation. As visitors walk through the physical space, the juxtapositions of the cells' interactions evolve in unique and unrepeatable ways, inviting the listener to participate in their own unique sonic experience. The Roedelius Cells continues through Friday, March 24.

Lazy Arc is the fourth album by Hans-Joachim Roedelius and Tim Story, reflecting both 15 years of musical collaboration and 30 years of friendship. Recorded at Timís home studio in Ohio during the same sessions that produced their acclaimed albums Lunz and Inlandish, but strikingly different in both form and mood from those albumsí meticulously constructed chamber music. Lazy Arc is a 50 minute, seven part suite shaped from the sessionsí more ethereal moments, the intuitive playing that happens upon a beautiful sonic texture, and then sustains until it becomes its own form.

A special edition, limited to just 750 CD's, signed and numbered by the artists