Blue Lekythos Vase

Blue Lekythos Vase
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Blue Lekythos Vase
Please allow at least 2-3 weeks for production.

Inspired by the works of the Berlin Painter, one of the most talented Attic Greek vase-painters of the early 5th century BCE, this limited edition series of hand-blown glass vases celebrates the elegance and artistry found in The Berlin Painter and His World. Designed and hand-made by Toledo glass artist Alan Iwamura, each piece reflects the stylistic accomplishments found in Athenian pottery and is complemented by a rich modern color scheme. The edition is excusive to The Berlin Painter and His World and each vase will only be available for purchase until October 1, 2017.

Blue Lekythos 20" X 5" X 5"

The Toledo Museum of Art is proud to be partnering with Bartz Viviano during the duration of The Berlin Painter and His World exhibition. If you would like to add a colorful floral arrangement to your vase please call 419-255-8000 ex 7209 for details and pricing.

*For local delivery only. (arrangement shown above)