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Leo Tecosky- S Period
Leo Tecosky- Kuffic Medallion (Yellow Piece)
Leo Tecosky- 8 Fold All Over (Orange Piece)
Leo Tecosky- 2 Tone
Leo Tecosky- Yellow Star
Janet Dyer-Horse Farm near Avignon
Janet Dyler- Sunset Near Seguret
Janet Dyer- House on Coast with Cloud, Ireland
Janet Dyer- River Ouvéze, Provence
Janet Dyer- Two Houses by a Field, Provence
Janet Dyer- Marsh, Cloudy Day
Janet Dyer- Big Clouds
Janet Dyer- House on Bridge St.
The Hunter
Word Dominoes
Pre-Order Collection Companion Toledo Museum of Art
Lenox Pocket Scarf
Starlight Back Jersey Pocket Scarf
Love Story Pocket Scarf
Belmont Pock Scarf
Debra Buchanan- Indiana Byway
Debra Buchanan- Red Rock, Blue Sky
Debra Buchanan- Succulent Tea
Debra Buchanan- Chasing Dawn
Artist Ball Ornaments
Matthew Richards- Glass Trees
Color Wheel Pendant
Toxic Puzzle DVD
2018 Limited Edition Bloom Ornament
Luxa by Harold Budd Limited Edition Vinyl-2018 Remaster
My Art Book of Love
Frans Hals Style and Substance
Frans Hals Van Campen Family Portrait Puzzle
Dutch Delight CD
Ellie Uyttenbroek and Ari Versluis: Exactitudes
Wenda Gu: Art From the Middle Bessire
Mermaid Cove Activity Roll
Mighty Dinosaur Activity Roll
Paint Chip Poetry: A Game of Color and Wordplay
The Family Book
WAFF Secret Journal
WAFF Mini Mat Set
Up, Down & Other Opposites with Ellsworth Kelly
24 DIY Projects by Designers for Kids