A Passion for Collecting

A Passion for Collecting
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Hard cover, 215 pages, ISBN: 9782850188404

The lure of the hunt, the thrill of the chase, that peerless moment of discovery when dream and ideal meet in a single object—this is the collector’s world. To the collector, the world is her oyster, full of hidden pearls ready to be plucked and shown to greatest advantage among the other spoils of her obsession.

ELLE DECOR is pleased to bring you an unprecedented glimpse of some of the world’s most intriguing collections. But not just any collections: in these pages you’ll find opulent assemblages distinguished by their rarity, eclecticism and, most of all, by the style and flair with which they’ve been incorporated into the home setting. Art and antiques experts, designers and couturiers, world travelers, artists and entrepreneurs have generously opened their doors to give us a rare view of the collector’s world. Nowhere will you find the collector’s passion more gloriously illustrated; all the inspiration you need to start gathering those objects of desire for your own home.

Features, among others: Gianni Versace’s Contemporary Art Collection; Pierre Bergé’s Curios Cabinet; Roger Prigent Chic Knick-Knacks; the Taschens’ Library/Apartment; Tina Chow’s apartment; Bill Blass’ apartment; artist Arman’s apartment...