Ryan McGinness: Studio Franchise

Ryan McGinness: Studio Franchise
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"Studio Franchise" is divided into three sections: the recreation of a workshop in one of the exhibition halls, which runs according to its very own set of rules, based on the artist's New York studio; an exhibition in progress, which is being gradually completed by McGinness and his collaborators who are the student attendees of his workshop; and a conventional exhibition showing a selection of his recent works. However, the pretended practicality of the idea behind "Studio Franchise" is pure abstraction. Faithful to his career path, initiated in the world of graphic design, McGinness generates icons from his own present reality, debating between the need for free creativity and the need to adapt to a society in which profitability is measured in different terms. Thus, the McGinness project synthesizes his own working process in the same way that he creates logos and icons in his paintings, proposing essentially a studio, the static representation of an exhibition set-up, and the ideal of a show of recent works.