Édouard Manet 'Luncheon in the Studio' 16x20 Print

Édouard Manet 'Luncheon in the Studio' 16x20 Print
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The central figure is Leon Koëlla Leenhoff, the 16 year-old illegitimate son of Dutch pianist Suzanne Leenhoff, and Manet’s step-son. The artist and Suzanne had married 5 year prior to the painting of this lunch scene. The use of color and detail pushed Leon to the forefront of the composition; he is clearly the “main character,” the focal point of the entire scene, despite the other figures around him. The well-laid table could be a reference to the tradition of Dutch still life paintings that took place centuries prior and would have been part of Leenhoff’s artistic heritage.

Creator: Edouard Manet Date: 1868 Location: Neue Pinakothek, Munich

16x20 Archival Print