Édouard Manet 'Antonin Proust' 16x20 Print

Édouard Manet 'Antonin Proust' 16x20 Print
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This portrait was painted in a single sitting using unprepared canvas. Exhibited at the 1880 Paris Salon, it was praised by some for it decisive brushstrokes and bold execution, and criticized by others for its lack of refinement. The intimate feeling of the painting is thanks for Manet and Proust's relationship, the two were friends in their childhood and studied art together. While Manet continued to pursue art, becoming one of the most impactful painters of his day, Proust turned to a career in journalism and politics. The two remained friends through it all.

Creator: Edouard Manet Date: 1880 Original Medium: oil on canvas Original Size: 51 x 37 3/4 in. Location: Toledo Museum of Art

16x20 Archival Print