Édouard Manet 'Lola de Valence' Print

Édouard Manet 'Lola de Valence' Print
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Manet had a fascination with Spanish culture beginning in the late 1850s and continued to admire it through the 1860s. He in particular admired a troupe of Spanish dancers from the Royal Theater of Madrid when they performed at the Hippodrome in Paris from August to November 1862. Lola de Valence was a leading lady in the troupe, and she along with many of her fellow dancers posed for Manet. This etching utilized hatching in an expert to manner to capture the volume of the dancer's costume.

Creator: Edouard Manet Date: 1862 Original Medium: etching Original Size: 10 3/8 x 7 1/4 in Location: Toledo Museum of Art

11x14 Archival Print