TMA Plantable Pencil

TMA Plantable Pencil
Item# 026474

Product Description

Imagine a world where pencils can grow! Sprout is a high quality wooden pencil that provides a great eco-friendly writing experience. Use it just like any wooden pencil. When it is too short to write with (or at any other time), itís time for planting.

At the end of each pencil is a seed capsule containing seeds and peat (all non-toxic). The variety of seed is indicated on the pencil shaft. The seed capsule is water activated, so it is important that you do not get the pencil wet, as water will activate and dissolve the capsule and start seed germination. Sprout, a hybrid of a pencil and a seed, should be treated with care. Avoid moisture and rough use (such as tossing it into the bottom of a book bag).

Planting is easy; just push it into the soil seed capsule side down up to the edge of the capsule. Watering will activate the seed capsule and start its growth. The pencil shaft can be removed or kept in the soil as a helpful planting marker. The seeds will grow like any other plant, so we recommend general gardening best practices, such as making sure that your planted pencil gets plenty of water, sunlight, and love.

Plant in a warm spot and water daily; do not let the soil dry out! Most plants will start growing within 7-10 days except for rosemary, which takes around 20 days to sprout.

Choose above from parsley, basil, thyme, or rosemary.

Each pencil is branded with Toledo Museum of Art and states what herb it will grow.