Carved Cedar Necklace

Carved Cedar Necklace
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Each necklace is hand carved and unique. Necklace pendants measure roughly 2" inches and are signed by the artist, the hemp cord is adjustable for varying lengths.

Firewoman Studio

I have been carving here in the Northwest for 26 years. I apprenticed a local Native carver when I first started out then shifted into self taught methods. I have Tsalagi descent and my sons are Tsalagi, Makah, S'Klallam and Skokomish (Coastal Salish). Our artwork style is in Haida (B.C. and Alaska) as well as Coastal Salish design. The necklaces and pins are inspired by the Salish Stick Games where each person playing would use their intuition to guess which beads were under a cedar woven cover. These pieces remind us to live in our hearts. They are made of re-purposed red and yellow cedar. All items are hand carved and painted with non-toxic paint. The necklace cord is of natural hemp and non-toxic.