Hard Rock Casino Chip Bracelet

Hard Rock Casino Chip Bracelet
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Katrina Mitten, born in 1962 in Huntington, Indiana is a member of the Miami Tribe of Oklahoma. A nationally recognized beadwork artist, her work has been exhibited in museums across the country including:

Museum of Art and Design, New York, NY

Eiteljorg Museum of Native American and Western Art, Indianapolis, IN

Autry Museum, Los Angeles, CA

As a young girl, Katrina wanted to learn an art traditional to her people. She was drawn to beadwork. The Miami’s forced removal from Indiana to Indian Territory in the west made it hard to find a teacher. Only 5 families including Katrina’s were allotted lands and allowed to stay in Indiana.

“My teachers were the bead workers of the past” – by looking at family heirlooms, museum pieces, and lots of practice Katrina has come to this exciting point in her artistic life. Working in the style of Great Lakes beadwork embroidery she creates both traditional and contemporary Native American works of art. Traveling across the country showing her work she has received many awards including Best of Show, Best of Division and Purchase Awards. In 2015, Katrina was honored by the collection of her piece Catfish Bag by the Smithsonian Institute.