Highway is a Disco Clutch X Del Kathryn Barton

Highway is a Disco Clutch X Del Kathryn Barton
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Product Description

Perfect as an everyday bag to keep all your lady things or as a makeup bag. Featuring artwork from Del Kathryn Barton's highway is a disco.

About the Artist Del Kathryn Barton is widely recognized as one of Australia's leading figurative painters of her generation. Barton graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the College of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales in 1993, where she was subsequently employed as a lecturer in drawing. Bartonís decorative, highly detailed paintings are known for their vibrant, figurative imagery Ė combining traditional painting techniques with contemporary design and illustrative styles. Bartonís pictures present a world where everything is fecund and alive. No part of the picture plane is without adornment, and no figure or creature is less charmed than any other. Using a mixture of materials, including synthetic polymer paint, gouache, watercolour, pen and often glitter and sequins, she embroiders her world. Bartonís transfigurations throw us off balance, as does her giddy sense of colour and scale. Her work is unashamedly girly and her palette kaleidoscopic. Obsessive patterning and fragile heroines revive memories of childhood.