Tim Story Inlandish Limited Edition Vinyl

Tim Story Inlandish Limited Edition Vinyl
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Product Description

Heralded as a "beautifully, eerie world until itself" by The Guardian, and named "CD of the Week" by The Sunday Times when first released in 2008, this third collaboration between German electronic music legend Hans-Joachim Roedelius and the American composer and producer Tim Story has been acclaimed as their most inviting work, an artful blend of electronics and acoustics that makes for a warm, welcoming yet curious collection of pieces.

Limited edition of 500 copies 2LP 180-gram translucent red vinyl Numbered high-definition art print signed by Roedelius/Story "Ellipsish" previously unreleased track from the Inlandish sessions Features new liner notes by Tim Story Remastered for vinyl by Tim Story Pressed at Memphis Record Pressing, Memphis, Tennessee