Excavation Kit Gods and Heros

Excavation Kit Gods and Heros
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Gods and Heroes Excavation/Conservation/Puzzle kit Dig, find, mount and display the sherds of a black figured plaque inspired from representations of mythological scenes in Ancient Greek Vases. Can you guess the figure depicted? Athena emerging from Zeusí head; Achilles ambushing Troilus, son of Priamos; Heracles fighting the Lernaean Hydra; Theseus and the Minotaur; Odysseus and his men blinding the cyclops Polyphemus. Contains fragments of a black figured pinax, other sherds and sea shells buried in a mixture of gypsum, clay and sand. It also contains a safe wooden digging tool, a small toothbrush, and a protective dust mask for excavation; a magnetic plate with self adhesive tape to mount the puzzle, a cardboard mount as well as instructions and information material on the object discovered.