The Doodle Revolution

The Doodle Revolution
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SUNNI BROWN Thursday, Sept. 12, 2019 6-8 P.M. | Toledo Museum of Art

Sunni Brown is author of The Doodle Revolution. Shes known for her large-scale, live content visualizations, and she is also the leader of the Doodle Revolution a growing effort to debunk the myth that doodling is a distraction. Using common sense, experience, and neuroscience, Sunni is proving that to doodle is to ignite your whole mind. Her consultancy, BrightSpot I.D., specializes in visual thinking and information design. She was trained in graphic facilitation at the Grove Consultants International, a San Francisco-based company that pioneered the use of large-scale visuals in business settings. Sunni co-founded VizThink Austin, which under her leadership grew to be the nation's largest visual thinking community.

The Doodle Revolution is a prequel to Gamestorming and also a global movement unto itself. Its an entertaining and informative romp through applied visual language for non-artists, but it also aims to radically overturn our social (mis)perceptions about doodling. To doodle is not to waste time or to be distracted. Instead, doodling is a powerful technique people use around the world to help themselves THINK. As scientists, innovators and even presidents know, doodling is a precursor to and a catalyst for deep intellectual and creative breakthroughs. This kick-starter guide for igniting and applying simple visual language to any challenge shows that our nascent capacity for visual literacy need only be unleashed in order to elevate cognitive performance instantly, at school and at work. Together, well put the DO in Doodle and liberate Doodlers everywhere.