Punto Y Linea

Punto Y Linea
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Product Description

This game is an instrument made to experiment with points (puntos) and lines (líneas), the relationship between them, their position, size, direction, proximity, planes and colours, as Wassily Kandinsky defined them in his essay “Point and Line to Plane” .

In said essay, the artist theorized the language of art in a similar fashion to the harmonic laws that rule the language of music. Artists do not need to learn any laws, because we all, as humans, have been gifted with senses that allow us to easily interpret what artists struggle to produce. Punto y Línea allows us to test and try what artists face, their methods and materials. It is about trial and error, about looking. Learning how to look, and, above all, it is a homage to Kandinsky.

This game includes the pieces needed to recreate Composition II, pink and blue, a piece by Sándor Bortnyik from his 1920 collection, made of six engravings and published in Vienna.

Sándor Bortnyik was a member of MA’s magazine (edited in Budapest and later in Vienna by Lajos Kassák) vanguard. In 1922, he moved to Weimar and got in touch with the Bauhaus, a constructivist scene that took a starring role in his evolution from synthetic cubism towards geometric abstraction.