TMA Limited Edition Vitre Radia Ornament 2022

TMA Limited Edition Vitre Radia Ornament 2022
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Product Description

TMA Glass | 2022

Fourteenth Annual Limited Edition Ornament

Inspired by the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion

Award winning Toledo area artist Lauren Eastman Fowler created this Vitre Radia ornament using a technique with glass no one has ever done before. Laurenís earliest memories of the TMA collection were of Vitrana by Dominick Labino, Monetís Water Lilies, and Apollo by Henri Matisse. She is captivated by and is fixated on experimenting with the material. For the Vitre Radia series, she experimented with radial symmetry to add intricacy to the work, while visually connecting it to natural forms that represent the seasons. After designing the ornament and reflection on her earliest memories of the Museumís collection, she could see the influence of Matisseís organic forms, Monetís use of color and fascination with flowers, and Labinoís passion for glass experimentation. Each ornament has been delicately, handcrafted for the Toledo Museum of Art, a private nonprofit organization.

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