Eamon King - Mirrored Glass Mace

Eamon King - Mirrored Glass Mace
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Eamon King - Toledo Artist

I was first captivated by glass when I was four years old. Introduced to the material by Mark Matthews at Sauder Village, I was amazed by the perfectly shaped marbles with intense, bright patterns and colors. My first opportunity to practice this age old craft came in high school with classes at the Toledo Museum of Art, and I haven’t looked back since. I have continued to work with the material I love, challenging myself, and the glass, to exhaustion. My work is heavily influenced by the Italian Maestros of Murano. I have observed and studied with many, which has helped my personal growth as an artist. I strive to bring classical Italian technique into the modern – focusing on traditional Venetian applications on creative, original works of art. My current concentration is on my Void Vases. With these I intend to reexamine the idea of a fragile medium by capturing it at a point of destruction – breaking the glass before the inevitable years of time do. This is achieved through a difficult balance of temperature and structure in order to achieve the desired form. I challenge my audience to view the glass at its most fragile state and still be enchanted by its beauty. My work is a result of patience and persistence. Working with glass leaves room for very little error. I believe with a medium as temperamental as glass, the quality of the art is a reflection of the quality of the artist. As an artist, I continue to push myself and my work to its limits. Education 1999 – 2001 Toledo Museum of Art Beginning Glassblowing Intermediate Glassblowing 2001 – 2007 University of Toledo; Bachelor of Arts Aug. 2005 Milon Townsend Studio Elements of the Natural World June-July Scuola Del Vetro Abate Zanetti, Murano, Italy 2006 “Tocair Piere” Workshop with Mattia Salvadore, Davide Salvadore, and Lino Tagliapietra Feb.-Mar. Private workshop with Ceseare Toffolo 2007 Murano, Italy Work Experience 2002-Present Fireneation Studio and Gallery, Holland, OH Hot Shop Assistant / Resident Artist 2006-Present Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion Hot Shop Technician, Glassblowing Demonstrator, Glassblowing Instructor Selected Exhibitions 2004 “University of Toledo Student Exhibition” Toledo Museum of Art, Toledo, OH. 2005 “Books, Boxes, and Cubes” Lake Erie Research Center Gallery, Oregon, OH. 2006 “Breaking Out Open House” Firenation Studio and Gallery, Holland, OH. Solo Exhibition. 2007 “Light Night 2007” Reykjanesby, Iceland.